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Name: Gadi Vinayak

Age: 15


Gender: Male


Birthday: April 8, 1999      


Study:   9th Standard



Biography: Vinayak means Ganesh, A Hindu god, most families here name their children after their gods. Vinayak misses the love of his mother. The father is supporting the family. Vinayak has one older Sister and one younger sister. They live at home attending to the domestic matters. Vinayak says he likes to study, so he spends lot of time in studies. He earns good grades, he also has interest in games and sports. He is a fair and good looking, healthy boy. He likes classmates and is a calm and efficient child.


Environment: When you look at him you can immediately recognize that he is a village boy. Ever since he joined the Grace Children’s Orphanage, there is lot of change. He has put on borrowed clothes, because they are poor. This village is close to the river which never dries. The water is sweet only during the rainy season, most of the year the water is salty. The river has low and high tides. The climate is suitable to the crops and vegetation, paddy in the main crop. Hence they eat mainly rice and curry. They also eat periodically wheat. Even though people are poor, they are strong and keep their houses clean and tidy. Poverty does not make them doleful, they are happy in times of adversity also.


Please, find some place for him in your heart and support him by sending $40 every month. I beg of you to pray for the family and particularly for Vinayak. Thank you.


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